Epiphone Casino Archtop Hollowbody Electric Guitar

[OC] Review: Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Wine red looks with golden Hardware and a "Licensed" Bigsby, I will review my experience with what has been my most expensive guitar so far!
The Epiphone Riviera Custom P93:
->Right out the box
I bought mine from Amazon, (I know.) Amazon and musical instruments especially handled by FedEx is best described by Ace Ventura.
Had to get it to my luthier, fret buzz and truss rod adjustment but it's winter here in Canada so I won't be too shabby about it.
->Looks and design
Anytime I pull out my 12" of Fretboard Radius and Big fat Red Wine hollow body with what can be described as Gold Plated Ornament, the only reaction you can expect is an honest wow. And yeah, that Bigsby is there to compliment the guitar but it's what makes the Riviera a jewel amongst others!
Maple body with the usual Mohagony neck. Tune-o-Matic bridge, always a preference! For me at least.
After a week of owning it, it's my only child now, it used to be my Fender but when I look at it now it looks too simple, Epiphone turned me in a man of tastes and will now make me spend more money on a better guitar only if it looks good.
The fretboard is smooth as a babies butt, maybe the Frets are too high but it's to be considered later on if you're not comfortable with high frets, easy shave.
This hollow body isn't Arched so the sound isn't specific, I can play jazz, blues, country but I don't think about Heavy metal and Rock too much, my amp can remedy to that concern but I stick to what the guitar looks like.
Weight is to be considered because at 8.8 lbs, that thing is heavy, stand and it will hurt. Sit but find that perfect weight dispersion and you're good to go.
There are 3 P90s pickups and I enjoy playing with them and finding what suits me best every day and its smooth turns, you can turn off the middle pick up thought you can always put a switch instead of a nob! 4 nobs, one of which is the master.
Pickups are really in the way some times, you will scratch them a little or if you're fingerstyle jazz, you will hit them time to times!
I'm having honest fun with it, it's my only guitar at the moment, the other will take the time to learn how to sound good and I'll maybe reconsider them.
If I could I'd price up my choice but for what it can offer It's in my top 3 guitars that I've played in my life, honest recommendation and hours of fun with all the features it offers!
And anytime I play and close my eyes, I'm in a casino and I play a funky jazz line while Bobby and Jack fight over Jessica.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice one!
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[QUESTION] Alternative to Stratocaster? (Fret accessibility)

I've been playing my late fathers Epiphone Casino John Lennon for about a year now. I love this guitar, but the neck heel makes reaching the highest frets incredibly hard. Now I want to buy a guitar and I'd really like good fret access even for the highest frets. The obvious answer would be a strat, but thanks to my unnecessarily long fingers I've personally never found them comfortable. Are there any guitars closer to the gibson weight and feel with good fret accessibility?
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Epiphone. Follow this Product. Sell One Like This; Listings Price Guide. Reviews. 12. Buy Used. Buy New. That's the only used listing we have right now. Be the first to know when more are listed: Follow this Product. Gallery. Product Specs. Brand: Epiphone; Model: Elitist '65 Casino. Finish: Natural. Year: 2010s. Made In: Japan. Show More: Similar Products. From the Price Guide. Sell Yours ... Since 1961, the legendary Casino has been Epiphone’s best-selling archtop and a rock ‘n’ roll standard. First introduced in 1961, the Casino was just one of several new thinline archtops designed and produced at the company’s adopted new factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan that it shared with one-time competitor and new partner, Gibson. The Casino has been Epiphone’s best-selling archtop guitar since 1961. Famously used by John Lennon, the guitar boasts a thin line body, single-coil pickups and comes in a variety of finishes. As a hollow-bodied versatile all-rounder, the Casino can pretty much deliver on any sound or genre. Semi-acoustic options are also available if this is more suitable for you. Serial:19061535954 Color: Turquoise Weight: 6.6lbs Body Material: Laminated Maple Top Material: 5-ply ... Epiphone Casino 2019 -Turquoise-Mint/Pristine. Steven's Music . Bridgewater, MA, United States. 5. Quick Responder. $627 + $88 Shipping. As low as $56/mo. Mint. Add to Cart. Watch. 2017 Epiphone Casino in Cherry . Magnolia Instruments. Palos Park, IL, United States. 15. Quick Shipper ... Casinos average fairly light though. They are "true" hollowbody guitars unlike many other f-hole electric guitars which are "blocked" inside for greater stability but more weight and less acoustic resonance. Casinos are also fairly skinny for a hollowbody so that also reduces weight a little. A Casino averages lighter than a Sheraton, Wildkat etc. Epiphone casino weight Bridal show at ameristar casino Spielbank kassel – startseite oktober steigt in der spielbank kassel die große casino-party 2014 ab heute spielen wir an jedem montag im august von 12:00 – 22:00 uhr, jede stunde 250. Download casino online – the ammo bank casino hire areas, online gaming at it download casino online s best! download free free blackjack, kent ... Casino. $649.00. 3 Finish Options . Bass. Explore Bass. Jack Casady Bass. $799.00. 4 Finish Options . Viola Bass. $399.00. 1 Finish Options . Original. Explore Original. The Golden Era returns with the Original Collection. Paying tribute to our iconic past, the Original Collection brings back the classic guitars that shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. Uptown Kat ES. $599 ... They also have a difference in body, weight, price and other features. The Epiphone Casino is around $200 more expensive than the Epiphone Dot guitar. The Epiphone Casino electric guitar was first produced in the year 1958, and the Beetles used them for recordings in 1964, which made them internationally famous. The Dot, also a product of Epiphone, resembles the Gibson ES-335. The Casino has a ... Weight: {{SelectedWeight}} Compare. Compare > Add to Wish List. Have questions, found a better price? Talk to a sales specialist! 800-319-9043. Product Highlights . Frequently Bought Together + + = Current item: Product Description. Possibly the most famous Epiphone Guitar in music history, the Epiphone Casino thin-line, hollowbody archtop electric guitar is built with a traditional laminated ... Ive done a few searches and havent found much discussion about this. I recently bought a used Epiphone Dot. I really like 335 style guitars and this one is in pretty nice shape. Ill be replacing the pickups and other electronics, but Im very happy with this guitar otherwise. Im a little surprised...

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There are some surprising differences between these two Epiphone Les Pauls!! 0:00 - Playing/Intro 3:58 - Weight Differences 5:53 - Neck Size Differences 9:14 - Neck Heel Differences 11:15 - Neck ... Lee checks out the lovely Epiphone Casino which will happily give you Jazz, Rock and Country tones and a whole lot more! Check it out our great price here. h... https://www.amazon.com/Epiphone-ES-339-Semi-Hollowbody-Electric-Guitar/dp/B00MHWEYYW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=epiphone+es339+pro&qid=1551934289&s=gateway&sr=... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue The guitar strings I use: https://amzn.to/2QWrPeeEpiphone Riviera p93 Review and demo, plugging into a Fender 59 Bassman Reissue and using a Fulltone Plimsou... Dagan reviews the amazing Epiphone Dot ES-335 Semi-Hollowbody guitar - it's Chuck Berry on a budget! Check out the guitar over at PMT online: http://bit.ly/2... Thanks for watching. After checking out my sons Epi Les Paul, I was very pleasantly surprised. I then saw the Epi ES 335 on sale at GC and thought I've got... What a fantastic guitar for the money. A true blue (Pelham Blue) semi hollow body for under $500. Does it play as well as the Gibson version? How do the P90... Order your Epiphone Les Paul Standard ‘50s from Musician’s Friend: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-standard-50s-electric-guitar?sou...